World Leading Biomedical Polymer Technology

AorTech International Plc, incorporated in the UK, is focused on the commercialization of its world leading biomedical polymer technology, components and medical devices. It is listed on the UK London Stock Exchanges, Alternative Investment Market (AIM:AOR).

AorTech’s technologies have been designed to improve the performance and reliability of existing medical devices  provide medical device designers with advantages and design options  that were not available prior to the commercialization of our high performance polymer technologies.

Our business model is based on licensing our polymer technology to medical device companies. We then work as a partner with the device company to assist with their development programs resulting in  a cost effective and rapid move to device registration and revenues.

As part of this model, AorTech has sub-contracted manufacturing to Biomerics who supplies polymers and can also manufacture components for the partner.

With several million implants and seven years of successful clinical use, AorTech polymers are being developed and used in cardiology and urological applications, including pacing leads, cardiac cannulae, stents and implantable sensor technology. Devices manufactured from AorTech polymers have numerous US FDA PMA approvals, 510k’s, CE Marks, Australian TGA and Japanese Ministry of Health approvals.

Elast-Eon™ and ECSil™’s biostability is comparable to silicone while exhibiting excellent mechanical, blood contacting and flex-fatigue properties. These polymers can be processed using conventional thermoplastic extrusion and moulding techniques. A range of materials in a variety of application-specific formulations for use in medical devices and components are available.

About AorTech International

Leading Biomedical Research

The AorTech team has worked with some of the worlds leading biomedical academics and medical professionals to understand the fundamental nature of its biomedical polymers.

This deeper level of understanding has allowed AorTech to invent and launch superior biologically stable polymers and processes which we believe will facilitate the creation of next generation devices.

Researcher in a laboratory